Jessica Ann Pottery

Kiln Loading       If I could spend my life hanging out with animals all day long, I would. As a solution to this desire, I surround myself in my studio with animals brought to life though pots. Adding detailed and/or complex surface design increases my interest in making the work. For inspiration and humor, I pay attention to the expression in the animals, both facial and bodily. As a former portrait photographer, I strove to capture the best emotions. I hope to bring this eye to the animals I carve.

      I seek to create quality porcelain ceramic wares for the home that are visually appealing and elicit use through comfort, functionality, and unique tactile sensations. I simultaneously work on the utility of form, elegance of the surface and the ability to seamlessly marry the two ideas. I believe everyday can be made better through the use of handmade objects.


"Jess is a fantastic teacher! She's great at not only explaining techniques, but also the reasons behind why you would use them. Through her classes over the years, she's given very helpful advice to complete projects well and has inspired and pushed me to further my studies in ceramics. Not to mention Jess has a wonderful personality and makes learning fun!"
        -Beth, Intermediate Wheel

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